English Communication Skills Training Program Came to a Successful Conclusion!

  • 2022-01-21
  • Yang

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English Communication Skills Training Program organized by EMI Promotion Office of the Center for the Development of Language Teaching Research (CDLTR) and AMC Bilingual Education Promotion Office at Asia University took place on Jan. 21st with more than 30 students joining in to power up speaking and writing skills!

Being selected as a BEST Program EMI college by Ministry of Education, the College of Management at Asia University has been dedicated to organizing various events to improve students’ English proficiency. The five-day program was led by foreign teachers of CDLTR, in which students would practice expressing themselves in English in various contexts and improve writing skills by doing different tasks. For instance, in poster making session, students were encouraged to brainstorm ideas to make their first English posters, and in presentation session, students had to demonstrate presenting techniques while delivering presentations. In addition, group activities were arranged for students to facilitate interaction and to create the sense of team awareness.

Prof. Yinghuei Chen, Dean of the International College and Director General of CDLTR, said “Taiwan is now working hard on developing bilingual education in higher education to cultivate international talents for international market. Therefore, following the policy, we have organized a variety of events and activities to create a bilingual environment, allowing students not only to improve their English skills but to build confidence through participating in activities. Prof. Chun-Wei Lin, Dean of College of Management, also emphasized that bilingual education has played a vital role in students’ future development, especially for those who are ambitious about pursuing global careers.

Led by professional language teachers, students immersed themselves in English-speaking environment, interacted with teachers and peers and worked on tasks together in class. Most students gave positive feedback to the program, saying that the program was well organized and teachers’ lecture was easy to follow.